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Guncannon Ambushes Gundam Astray Red Frame

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Guncannon Ambushes Gundam Astray Red Frame Empty Guncannon Ambushes Gundam Astray Red Frame

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 11 Jul 2011, 8:52 pm

"Yup that's him alright." Viktor said to himself as he finalized his system checks on the spray missile launchers that he equipped on the shoulders of the Guncannon. "Hah, the Astray won't know what hit him."
The Astray was a couple of feet ahead of the Guncannon, walking at a steady pace. Without any hesitation, Viktor pressed on his controls, allowing his missile launchers to open up and scatter through the air towards the Astray. The Astray quickly turned around after be alarmed by the sound of the missiles and jumped back, unable to avoid any damage. The Guncannon leaped in the air and aimed its beam rifle downwards toward the Astray. Neo quickly lifted the Astray's arm pointing his beam rifle back at Viktor. The two fired at each other with the Astray missing its mark and the Guncannon landing a direct hit to the chest.

After landing back on the ground, Viktor saw that the Astray was still on the ground and aimed his beam rifle again. Neo mustered up enough strength to raise his shield and block the incoming fire from the Guncannon's rifle.

"Pretty swift," Viktor complimented.
"Once I get up, you'll bne sorry you commenced just a shameful act" Neo responded as the Astray began to rise from the ground.
"Oh I don't find it to be so shameful, after all you're a long way from home." replied Viktor as the Guncannon began to sprint towards the Astray while firing from its vulcan guns. The Astray shielded itself from the fire and blindly fired back from its beam rifle. The Guncannon swung its right arm and struck the Astray in the head with its fist. As Viktor moved for another punch, the Astray fired from its 75mm guns, slightly staggering Viktor 's move. Neo used this opportunity to swiftly take out a beam saber and swing it upward, cutting the Guncannon's right hand off. Viktor countered by kicking the Astray's left leg, causing it to fall back to the ground. The Guncannon prepared its final move by aiming at the Astray with its beam rifle but was interrupted as Neo lunged his katana towards it. The Guncannon hoped back for safety.

"Phew...that was close and could have been the end for me." Viktor said to himself, "Oh..there are still a couple of missile left." he noticed after reviewing his current status. The Astray came flying towards the Guncannon with its katana in the air ready to strike. Viktor continued to retreat backwards until he got enough room to finally launch the remaining missiles. Neo halted as the missiles approached him without any time to make a move. The Astray fell to the ground after the explosive impacts.

Guncannon wins
Gundam Astray Red Frame - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350
Guncannon - EXP: 7 / Repairs 1 day / Repair cost: free


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