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Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 10:57 pm

When a certain amount of EXP has been reached your mobile suit will be ready for an upgrade. Upgrading is a long but rewarding process and comes along with stat bonuses. Here is everything you need to know about upgrading:

1. Upgrading will take a total of 8 game days to complete.

2. If an upgrade of your suit exists then you will receive that suit. IE. The Tallgeese from Gundam Wing gets an upgrade to the Tallgeese II in the middle of the show, therefore the pilot of the Tallgeese in this game will receive the Tallgeese II.

3. If an upgrade of your suit does not exist then one will be made up for the purpose of this game.

4. Every suit will upgrade at least twice.

5. The pilot of the suit that is being upgraded can't do anything in the game at all until the upgrade is complete.

6. The pilot will be notified via instant message when their mobile suit is ready to upgrade. Upgrade will not commence until the pilot replies stating that they are ready. You will not be able to receive any exp or stat bonuses from any battles again until you begin to upgrade.

Here are some other details of the upgrade process:

Cost - Upgrades will cost you a total of 3,000 for the first one and 6,000 for the second. If the amount is not paid in full then you will end up with negative credits.

Upgrade in Progress - The only action you can do while upgrading, is buy from the shop. Other than that you're out of the game for 8 days. You could still post on the forum of course.

New Suit - Your upgrade will bring a new suit for you whether it exists already in the Gundam universe or not.

Stats - You will get some slight stat upgrades. You will not be able to decide where these go, they are placed in the stats that are most associated with your suit.

AP - For each upgrade your AP will double.

Unique Ability - Every suit will get a unique ability after each upgrade. These abilities will cost a good amount of AP and EXP.

Missions - It is possible to still appear in missions if any friendly ship is present during the event (whether it be NPC or one of the fellow pilots ship). However, the only reward you would be able to get is credits.


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