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Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 07 Jul 2011, 10:43 pm

Gundam Exia calmly drifted in the middle of Point 5 as Ezio stared at the glowing red aurora that was emitted from the paint of the Red Colony. The serenity from space caused him to begin slowly dozing off in his mobile suit. After reopening his eyes he noticed a large figure had popped up on his camera.
"Oh crap!" He exclaimed as he swung his GN sword upward, causing it to clash against the blade of the Arche Gundam's buster sword.
"Almost didn't make it there pal" Logan said.
"You're going to wish you didn't wake me so abruptly!" Ezio replied as he spun the Exia in a complete circle and bashed the buster sword, causing the Arche Gundam to stagger for a moment. Logan countered by kicking the Exia in the left shoulder with its foot beam saber out. The Exia boosted backwards, removing the small beam blade from its shoulder, while firing from its vulcan guns. Logan raised his left arm, shielding him from the guns rounds and then extended it towards the Exia with its scissors. The scissors latched onto the Exia's GN sword and cut it in half. Ezio continued to retreat back and threw his two beam daggers towards the Arche Gundam, impaling its two legs.

Logan halted his pursuit for the Exia and braced for the miniature explosions that the daggers would cause in his legs. As the explosions went off the Exia now charged to the Arche Gundam with its long blade in one hand and short blade in the other. Logan aimed his buster sword to the Exia as it converted to rifle and began firing. Ezio continued his charge while maneuvering around the rifle's rounds. At the last second the rifle converted back to buster sword and Logan swung downward striking the Exia in the back.

As the Exia fell, Logan released the Arche Gundam's fangs. Ezio began swinging furiously as he tried to cut down as many as he could. As Ezio occupied himself with the fangs, Logan charged in with his buster sword and heavily swung it to the left striking the Exia in the left arm while destroying three of his own fangs in the process. Ezio kept his composure and concentrated on Logan's next swing. The Arche Gundam swung again to the left which was parried by a swing of the Exia's long blade. The Exia countered by grabbing the Arche Gundam's arm and driving the long blade through the head of the Arche Gundam, still getting bombarded by the fangs. Ezio then dropped the Exia down and cut off the legs of the Arche Gundam with one spinning slash.

The Arche Gundam's fangs shut down and Logan began to flee the battlefield.

Gundam Exia wins
Arche Gundam - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 300
Gundam Exia - EXP: 7 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: free


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