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The Colonial Council

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The Colonial Council

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 06 Jul 2011, 4:11 pm

The Republic of Miah is a nation that originated from Earth. They are now situated on the colony Moon's Mirror, in Point 3. It is in this location where the council of the Star Blazers resides since their formation.

At the colony entrance the Epyon, Neue Ziel, and Gundam X could be seen slowly entering the vicinity. The three looked around admiring the beauty of an artificial habitat. The landscape was intended to imitate the look and feel of small mountainous villages from Earth. Two tall buildings could been standing side by side in the back of the colony. The left one was where the presidential staff of Miah presided, and the other was the Council Tower.

The three pilots were escorted into the tower by a couple of men in suits who led them into an elevator. The elevator doors opened to the sight of three figures waiting in a doorway, two males and a female.
"Welcome." the woman said with a smile.
"Please, please come in and take a seat. I know that we all have places to go all the time now a days." one of the men added.
The three pilots sat at an oval shaped table and sat quietly.
"In case you all didn't know our names, I'm Francis O'Hare." the man pointed at the women and said "This here is Deborah Delius, and he is Ralph Scaggs."
"I'm glad to finally meet some of our pilots who are out in the field." Ralph said kindly.
"It's important that you all spread whatever information you learn here to other soldiers...understand?" Deborah asked.
"Yes ma'am" the three responded with a nod.

Francis looked at each of the pilots and nodded.
"Ok then," he said with a clap "Let's get down to business. This should be pretty brief actually we just have three issues to discuss." As Francis talked, Ralph turned on a projector that began to show various images to accompany the presentation.

"Behemoth," Francis said, "Three weeks ago you all went on a mission on mars and ran into a couple of Alliance pilots on your way out. It turns out that they used the civil war of Bismarck to distract others while they recovered plans for this super weapon."
"Now I know what you all are already thinking.." Deborah interrupted, "You're thinking 'Let's go destroy it now while its under construction', well that would undoubtedly start a war, something that we think either side is not prepared for."
"Instead we just need to be aware of its construction and keep a watchful eye on it." Francis concluded. The slideshow then changed to an image of Scarth Varo during his speech in Naples.

"Red Being...this radical faction has already become a major threat to our operations. We feel that they will find any way to antagonize us in whatever we do. We are already beginning plans on what to do with them." Ralph then moved up and continued.
"Finally, we need outposts. Sure we have our colonies on our side but, let's face it they're no Green Craters. Thankfully we have Axis right outside watching out for us, but we need a little more influence in space. Alright?"
The three pilots stood up and shook each council member's hand.
"Thank you very much for inviting us," Leslie graciously said.
"Oh it was our pleas-" Francis was then interrupted by a loud explosion coming from outside. Three unknown mobile suits could be seen beginning to wreak havoc within the colony. The council members turned around to the pilots again who were already well on their way to their mobile suits.

"It's way to risky to use any of my weapons inside of the colony so I'm going to use the Neue Ziel to ram them away from the civilians. You two finish them off with your beam swords." Leo said as he ran up to his mobile armor and hopped up into the cockpit.
"Sounds like a plan" Leslie replied.
"Roger." Derrick added.

The Neue Ziel dashed out into the business district where one of the suits was destroying a bridge. Leo braced himself as he prepared for a direct hit into the mobile suit. The mobile suit was struck in its right side destroying its arm completely and falling in a small lake. The Epyon came falling from the sky, thrusting its beam sword through the cockpit. The Gundam X swerved and twirled as it dodged fire from the enemies beam rifle.
"Damn it, he's going to hit something!" Derrick said, frustrated. He sent the Gundam X straight for the mobile suit with his beam sword in the air ready to swing but was shot down by multiple rounds from the beam rifle.
"We're coming Derrick!" Leslie said as the Epyon boosted towards the Gundam X.
"Watch where you all stab them...we don't want to cause explosions!" Leo warned.
"I've got him." Derrick reassured, but as he stabbed the mobile suit in the chest the Epyon had already penetrated the same suit with its own beam sword.
"Oh no, Derrick move!" Leslie exclaimed. The mobile suit exploded staggering the Epyon and Gundam X who were pushed back by the force.
"You two ok?" Leo asked.
"Ugh...yeah...where's the third one?" Derrick said as he rubbed his read that knocked against the cockpit. Leo scanned the area and spotted the final suit by the two towers in the back of the colony.
"The council! That's what they're after!" Leo said in a frenzy.
"Ah crap!" Leslie added as the three recovered and dashed to the Council Tower.
"Down with the council!!!" the unknown pilot exclaimed as he aimed at the tower. Before he shot the Neue Ziel rammed the mobile suit from the side, knocking it to the ground. The Epyon and Gundam X landed beside it, both pointing their beam swords at the cockpit.
"Step out of your mobile suit!" Derrick exclaimed. The cockpit opened with the pilots hands in the air. As the three Blazers opened their own cockpits, the unknown pilot blew up by an unknown explosion.

Star Blazers met with council and defended them from unknown attack.
Gundam Epyon - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: free
Gundam X - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: free
Neue Ziel - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: free

1 stat point received. Email me to tell me which stat you want to add it to.


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