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The Italian Threat

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The Italian Threat

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 04 Jul 2011, 3:44 pm

In the middle of the Apennine mountains, a car could be seen driving up to a secluded outpost. An automated gate allowed the vehicle to enter the perimeter. Two Italian officers walked over to it and waited for the driver to step out.
"What the hell are you all thinking up here!?" exclaimed Giovanni Cazo as he was exiting the car.
"Is there a problem sir?" The officer on the left asked.
"Yeah what the hell are those?" Giovanni pointed at multiple mobile missile launchers all pointing east. Various missile silos could be sighted as well.
"Sir..with all due respect the president gave us permissi-"
"Permission?? With all due respect, the president doesn't know right from left! You all being military should know that all clearances must go by me... Did you all recieve any word from me? I sure as hell didn't get any word of this while I was in Naples."
The two officers remained silent and avoided eye contact with Giovanni with one of them finally gaining the courage to respond, "We're....sorry Mr. Cazo, we'll have them moved immediately."

Giovanni let out a big exhale and began to calm down.
"Look, I like the way you all are thinking. We could never be too careful from the Alliance, but if this were to be leaked out....they would finally have reason to enter our country." he explained.


Viktor Tarasov and Phillip Strontheim stood in the bridge of the Roosevelt, awaiting orders as Jan Van Geem was checking every system.
"And the location? Do we have a location?" He asked.
"Uhh...umm not yet sir. We figure its in a mountainous area.."
"Not good enough. What's the status on our weapons?"
"Just rechecking a couple of the -"
"Still checking at a time like this?? What if those missiles are launched at us...then what? Where are those two mobile suit pilots?"

The two stepped forward so Van Geem could spot them.
"Ah there you guys are...and your names are again?"
Viktor nodded and replied, "This is Phillip Strontheim, and I'm Viktor -"
"Tarasov..yes, yes I remember." Jan interrupted. "This is a memorable day boys. This is the first time the Alliance has stepped foot in Italy. It opens up a big opportunity for adding this country to the Alliance."
He walked out to the window and looked out at the current landscape. "Imagine...finally able to take vacations here."
"Apennine....Apennine mountains sir!" a random crew member shouted.
"Perfect, we aren't too far then." Jan turned back around to the two AGH pilots. "So that's your ship out there right Viktor?"
"Yes sir, the Odessa is ready to serve the Alliance" Viktor replied.
"Alright, you two hop on the Odessa and have it follow the Roosevelt from behind."
The two saluted and headed out of the bridge.


Giovanni was escorted to the main control room of the outpost.
"Moving of the launchers will begin shortly sir. In the meantime would you care for a hot beverage?"
"Well since I'm here, sure" Giovanni replied. As he took his first sip of his drink red flashes began to light up the room. "Sir unknown vessels are making their way to the base!"
Giovanni walked up to the cameras to take a look and said, "that's no unknown vessel...that's the Roosevelt. What defenses do you have here?"
"Just these missiles and three Knights.." the officer responded.
Giovanni sighed and shook his head, "I need to get out of here..if the Alliance see a political figure here at this base it will not end well for this country."
"There's a back road that you could use sir." replied the officer.
"Thanks, and don't worry too much about them. With the little defenses you have I'm pretty sure they'll spare you."

As the Roosevelt and Odessa arrived, the three Knights launched to defend the base. The Hyaku Shiki and Guncannon launched from the Odessa and immediately engaged in combat. Two of the Knights swung their long steel blades at the Hyaku Shiki. Phillip swerved around one and impaled it with his beam saber and then followed up with an upward slash through the second one. As the Guncannon landed on the ground it began to bombard the final knight with fire from its cannons, sending the suit to the ground after multiple impacts.

The Roosevelt stopped in front of the control room and Jan Van Geem walked out from it. He took some time to look around the base.
"Nice display you all have here." He commented. "However, I hope you all realize that you have made yourselves a threat to the Alliance. I mean come on...they're pointed straight to our backyards." Multiple Italian soldiers came rushing out of the control room with weapons pointed to Jan.
"Hahah, well that's cute." Jan joked. The ground shook from the Hyaku Shiki and Guncannon landed right beside him pointing their weapons at the Italians.

As they all began to drop their weapons, Jan made his way back to the Roosevelt and got on the comm radio in the bridge.
"Commander Bryant?.....Yes sir we have arrived....Yes, very little resistance.....Understood." Jan turned to the crew with a smirk.
"Hah! Looks like we're remaining in Italy for awhile. Let's make ourselves at home."


On the road, Giovanni answered his phone from an anonymous caller.
"Hello?...So they're staying?....The occupation of the Alliance in our country will indefinitely cause a civil unrest...Well what do you think I'm doing. We can only pray for Italy now."

Alliance has taken care of missile crisis
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 12 / Repairs: none / Repair cost: none
Guncannon - EXP: 12 / Repairs: none / Repair cost: none

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