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The Moon Invasion

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The Moon Invasion

Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 30 Jun 2011, 9:06 pm

"Commander Trybil sir! He has arrived." A soldier said in a proper manner while saluting. The leader of the Tribillion Army, Conner Trybil, turned around to face the young man and nodded.
"Alright, let him in." Conner replied.
The door to Green Crater's main control room slid open to reveal Conrad Vaugner in a black uniform standing at attention. The soldier glanced over at Conrad, nodding, signaling Conrad to enter.
"Mr. Vaugner...The Frozen Star, one of our most active pilots out in the field." Conner said.
"Sir. I am returning from Earth and ready to report on my mission." Conrad responded while extending his hand to Conner, which contained the codes to the Alliance's payment funds.
"Ah yes, our money." Conner retrieved the tablet and handed it over to another individual, "That Alliance is something else huh? Hahah."
"They were quite annoying sir" Conrad responded.

"Now Conrad, I understand you may know an answer to a question I have." Conner said as he walked over to a number of computers that were in front of the base's main camera screen. He typed on a couple of keys, changing the screen to an image of outer space with numerous unknown ships and mobile suits.
He turned around back at Conrad and asked, "Do you have any idea what is coming towards us?"
"Sir, after I retrieved our payment, I was attacked by space pirates on Earth. I'm not sure of the reason of their attack...whether they knew that I had credits in my possession or just the fact that I'm part of the Tribillion Army." replied Conrad.
"So then it's true...the space pirates are beginning to reform.." responded Conner.
"Then this could very well be an invasion from then sir." Conner turned a knob to the right, zooming in the image and moved the camera around using a joystick nearby.
"Recognize that symbol?" Conner asked pointing at the screen.
"It's definitely pirates" Conrad said nodding. Just then the door of the room slid open again and Logan Wolf entered and saluted.
"Logan Wolf of the Arche Gundam sir." Logan presented.
"Welcome, welcome. Alright you two will be leading the defense of this base. Go to your mobile suits and prepare for an assault."
"Yes sir!" the two exclaimed and began to walk off. As the two pilots exited the room they shook each other's hands and then headed towards the docks.


Multiple mobile suits and ships flew towards the moon, all of them surrounding one mother ship that flew in the center. Lancer, the current organizer of the remnant pirates, sat the captain seat of that ship.
"The moon is so close!! Green Crater'll blow up and we'll have a new home boys!!! Ahahaha" Lancer laughed hysterically, "Speed up, speed up! We don't wanna keep the moonlings waiting!" All vessels and mobile suits increased their thrusters and the force approached the moon even faster.


"Conrad Vaugner, Gouf...launching!" The Gouf used the catapults of the dock to launch outside of Green Crater.
"Arche Gundam, heading out." The Arche Gundam followed the Gouf shortly after being launched from its own dock. The two mobile suits flew in front of the mobile doll force and waited for the unwelcome guests to arrive.

"FIRE! GO GO GO! AHAHA!" Lancer practically fell from his seat as he shouted out his order. Hundreds of beams from ships and mobiles rained down on the massive lunar base. The Gouf and Arche Gundam twirled and spun around the incoming fire trying to avoid as many impacts as possible. Green Crater's Pawns, Rooks and Bishops returned fire as the Knights charged in with the Gouf and Arche for close range.

In a few seconds, the space above Green Crater became an open battlefield. Fire from the base's double beam guns and high beam secondaries ripped through the stars as they approached their targets. The Gouf dismantled a mobile suit flying towards it with a diagonal slash of its heat sword. It then aimed its bazooka and fired two rounds, instantly exploding another. He continued to move knowing that remaining in one spot would result in getting hit by something. The Arche Gundam retreated to aid the Bishops who were fending from foes that had breached the defense of the Knights. Logan launched the GN Fangs that hassled incoming enemies, giving the Bishops time to finish them off with their snipers. The Arche then moved up and swung its buster sword cutting two mobile suits in half.

Logan noticed a ship much larger than the rest where multiple reinforcements were spewing out off.
"Conrad, possible mother ship up ahead." Logan said.
"Yeah I just noticed as well. Let's move in." Conrad responded.
The two mobile suits matched speeds and flew side by side straight to Lancer's ship. Lancer jumped out of his seat after seeing the image from the cameras.
"Aha! Trybil's aces?! Huh!??" Lancer zipped up his normal suit and slammed the emergency door to the bridge open.
"What the hell are you doing Lancer!?" a fellow pirate exclaimed as he and the rest of the crew held on to an object, preventing them from getting sucked into space. Lancer ran out to the bow and mounted a huge manual double barrel weapon. Before Logan and Conrad could get close both suits were hit by a powerful beam.
"Ahahah! What the hell's the matter? You can't get close to me?" Lancer continued to fire like a mad man at the two approaching mobile suits with surprising precision.

"Too hot, we'll contact HQ and tell them to target it with the Lunar Beam" Conrad said as he began to retreat from the mother ship.
"Right, plus since we've left more and more enemies have advanced closer." Logan replied.
"HQ, this is Conrad Vaugner. Mother ship has been detected, target for lunar beam has been confirmed. Logan lets go back and eliminate the remaining mobile suit force.

Multiple mobile suits managed to reach the surface of the moon, leading the battle closer and closer to the Tribillion base. Conrad remained in the air softening the forces on the ground with bazooka rounds. The Arche Gundam moved in sweeping motions, taking out mobile suits one by one with swings from its buster swords. Suddenly a hatch opened from Green Crater revealing the freighting lunar beam. It adjusted adjusted itself to the right position to where it could directly hit the mother ship.
"Holy SHIT! Get outta there guys. I'm leaving! Come on what are you idiots doing, leave leave LEAVE!" Lance exclaimed while causing a panic in the bridge. The pirates began to scatter and fly off one by on, following the mother ships path, leaving Green Crater with barely even a scratch.


"Good call on the mother ship boys." Trybil said as the two pilots entered the control room again. "Did you get to see the leader or anything like that?"
"Oh we saw him alright..." Logan answered. "The mad man personally fired at us on his ship."
"Hmmm...what could those pirates want?" Trybil asked to himself.

Green Crater protected
Gouf - EXP: 15 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Arche Gundam - EXP: 15 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: free


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