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Arche Gundam Ambushes Tallgeese

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Arche Gundam Ambushes Tallgeese  Empty Arche Gundam Ambushes Tallgeese

Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 30 Jun 2011, 2:39 am

The Tallgeese walked at a steady pace through a thick forest. Just as Makato thought he was completely alone in the vicinity he began to see multiple trees fall to the ground in the distance. Logan Wolf swung the Arche's massive buster sword horizontally, cutting down various trees in his path.

Makato switched his communications on, wondering if it would reach the unknown suit.
"Hello? What are you doing in this area?" Makato asked.
"Names Logan Wolf, and don't mind me...I'm just clearing up the place a bit." responded Logan.
"Umm..may I ask why?" wondered Makato.

Logan suddenly stopped his suit and extended its right arm toward the Tallgeese as the buster sword converted into a rifle.
"Just making it a little easier for us to battle here." Logan said as he fired from his rifle.
Makato dropped the Tallgeese to the ground, dodging any fire that came towards him. On the ground, the Tallgeese aimed its dober gun at its target and fired two rounds, one after the other. Both rounds hit the Arche Gundam in the torso, barely effecting Logan.
"You're not going to be doing much on ground now!" Logan exclaimed as the Arche jumped to the Tallgeese with its foot beam sabers out.

Logan kicked his right foot towards the Tallgeese. Makato boosted the Tallgeese up and backwards only to end up back on the ground. The Arche Gundam continued to lay down pressure by jumping towards the Tallgeese again and kicking its left leg. Makato boosted again, this time pushing the thrusters even further causing the mobile suit to gain more height. In the air, Makato barraged the Arche Gundam with more rounds from the dober gun. Logan endured through the rounds of the dober gun and jumped in the air with the buster sword. The heavy swing of the sword broke through the Tallgeese's shield causing its two beam sabers to fall to the ground and damaging its left arm.

Makato boosted back to the ground and recovered one of its beam sabers. As the Arche followed, Makato continued to try and back it off with fire from the dober gun. The rounds halted the Logan's pursuit and suddenly a flurry of the Arche's GN fangs were released into the battlefield. The fangs circled the Tallgeese at a very rapid pace firing at random times. Makato struggled to gain his composure. As he continued to get fired on, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. After opening them he aimed his dober gun and began to pick off some of the fangs with his dober gun. After shooting down his fifth fang, the Arche seemed to pop up out of no where and swung its buster sword straight down, cutting off the Tallgeese's left arm clean off. Logan landed on the ground swung the buster sword one more time to the legs, temporarily disabling the Tallgeese.

Arche Gundam wins
Tallgeese - EXP: 3 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 300
Arche Gundam - EXP: 8 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 150


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