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Starting Out and Emailing Empty Starting Out and Emailing

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 10:44 pm

First of all, make sure you read up on all this information to know how this game will work. This material is mainly just information you'll need to know to progress. There are however a few personal rules I would like each member to review and try to follow as much as possible:

1. Don't complain about a certain outcome of a battle. Battles are determined by which special move you chose for that specific battle and your current stats, so I'm trying to make it as fair as possible. In the future there will be other battle writers helping me out and I expect this rule to be followed for them as well.

2. If you are caught registering two characters you will get kicked out.

3. Just have fun and get to know your fellow members.


This RPG will run 5 days a week: Sunday-Thursday and emails must be sent before 6:00 p.m. CST. Now the way this game works is, you send an email to me about what you want to do on the day you want to do it. Send all emails to Let me break it down for you:

- If you want to ambush someone on Monday send an email to me on Monday and it will be posted.
- If you want to start traveling somewhere on Monday send an email to me on Monday and it will be posted.
- If you want to buy something on Monday send an email to me on Monday and it will be posted.
- If you don't want to do anything on Monday...don't send me an email on Monday.

Also follow these guidelines when sending emails:

- Every email sent to me can only hold one action, whether it be to travel, battle, or shop.
- Only ONE email a day can be sent.
- If a person sends me two emails both will be deleted and nothing will happen that day.
- If a person sends me an email in advance it will be deleted. I.E. Someone sends an email on Monday about an action they want to do on Thursday.


Off Days

Friday and Saturday are off days, the only thing that will be available that day are the Socialize and Misc. forums. Any emails sent to me on the off days will be deleted.

Everything is put on hold on off days and resume on Sundays.


What Counts as an Action
Emails are only reserved for these type of instances.

1. Battling/Assaulting (see Battling and Repairing).

2. Team Battles/Team Sparring (see Battling and Repairing).

3. Challenging a Rare Mark (see Missions, Quests, and Rare Marks).

3. Shopping (see Visiting the Shop).

4. Traveling (see Areas and Traveling).

5. Moving your colony (see Establishing Colonies).


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