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Arche Gundam - Logan Wolf Empty Arche Gundam - Logan Wolf

Post  HippoAdmin on Sun 26 Jun 2011, 5:45 pm

Arche Gundam
Fixed armaments:
  • GN buster sword/rifle II (right arm)
  • GN shield w/scissors (left arm)
  • GN foot beam saber x 2
  • GN fang II x 10
Pilot: Logan Wolf
Faction: Tribillion Army
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 4
  • INT - 1
  • MND - 5
  • ARM - 4
  • ACU - 3
AP: 5 (3)
  • High Guard (equipped)

All his life Logan has lived as a mercenary. He began on Mars as a young boy accepting "errand boy" jobs with his fighter jet. As a teenager he moved to Earth and worked as bounty hunter. After the Alliance was formed, Logan decided it was time to move on from Earth and put himself for hire in space. It wasn't until he witnessed a large scale battle between the Tribillion Army and space pirates that he became interested in associating himself with a faction. He has now been a member of the Tribillion for years and has worked up his reputation with them. Logan hates two things, pirates and failing a job.


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