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June 19 - 23 Week

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June 19 - 23 Week Empty June 19 - 23 Week

Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 9:28 pm

This is just to confirm that I will be going on vacation for next week and for that reason the game will be closed for the week. It will reopen on Sunday June 26 with a lot of exciting events:

- Two new quests both with accessories for rewards.
- New missions for all factions with stat bonuses
- Addition of new stat (before the missions happen)
- Many more!

The upcoming number of missions/events are particularly important because they will be setting the stage for the ever impending Space War I, which will cause a lot of changes to the game itself.

I know it sounds exciting now, but just to let you all know, with more members this would be even funner. I've been going to various forums trying to peak some interests, but really no one listens to a stranger of the community...So I will be offering various rewards to those that bring in members again. This time it won't be just credits too. If you invite someone to the site and they join you have the possibility to gain:

- Credits
- Free travel pass
- Maybe even a stat point bonus.

When the game opens again, it will basically reset, meaning all traveling/repairing will be done so knock yourselves out with your battles. You will also receive your two payments of the past week.

See you guys on Sunday the 26th it's gonna be fun, and thank you all for joining and I'm glad that you've been enjoying yourselves with some roleplaying.


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