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Ship Refit Packages Empty Ship Refit Packages

Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 9:13 pm

Certain ships will have opportunity to obtain a refit package. You must have purchased the first version of the ship to get one of these. Refitting a ship is like upgrading your mobile suit, meaning it will take some time. After the package is purchased it will take 8 game days for your ship to complete the refitting process. If you've been traveling with the ship, your traveling times will return to normal.

Salamis Kai Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-barrel main gun x2
  • Main gun x5
  • 2-barrel secondary gun x6
  • Secondary gun x4
  • Missile launcher x8
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x2
Price: 1500 credits
Although the Salamis has always been known for its affordable price, purchasing this refit package adds a bit more defense to your little cruiser. Its focus moves away from the missile barrages of the Salamis and more towards its many main and secondary guns. You will also be able to purchase a couple of mobile suits as well, something the Salamis has no room for.

Callisto II Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-barrel main gun x2
  • Multi launcher x4
  • 6-tube missile launcher x3
  • 3-tube missile launcher x6
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x4
Price: 2000 credits
Refitting the Callisto was a difficult task at first. There was not much that could be done with the interior, hence the fact that the mobile suit count did not go up however, they did manage to give it the ability of missile barrages. With three launchers in the front and six on its sides, the ship now has a force to soften up defenses for your mobile suits.

Heavy Chivvay Class
Fixed armaments
  • 3-Barrel mega particle canon x2
  • 2-Barrel machine gun x18
  • Missile launcher x12
  • Main beam cannon x1
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x7
  • Fighter jet x3
Price: 2500 credits
The Heavy Chivvay takes advantage of its already spacious interior and expands it even more, making room for the addition of three fighter jets. It also gets its name from the addition of the deadly main beam cannon that is added on top of the ship.

Clop Mark II Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main cannon x4
  • 2-Barrel main cannon x4
  • Machine gun x24
  • Missile launcher x12
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x 10
Price: 3500
The Clop is already notorious for being one of the deadliest cruisers around. Its firepower is unmatched by other heavy cruisers, but it also left little room to add anymore. So this package focuses on the inside, making room for five more mobile suits at your disposal. Following a massive barrage with ten mobile suits would make any force quiver.


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