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Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 10:42 pm

Stats are your character's competence in battle. When you first join you have 15 points to distribute among 5 categories. Stat bonuses can be obtained by completing certain quests, missions, or different events.

Nerve (NRV) - This stat helps determine how willing you are to take a risk in battle. More nerve tends to mean that you are capable of doing anything to win the battle. A lot of pilots rely on their nerve when using brute strength to win.

Intelligence (INT) - This stat modifies your competence in battle. More intelligence will demonstrate and easier maneuvering of your mobile suit. Pilots rely on their intelligence during battle to know what they want to do, when they want to do it.

Mind (MND) - Mind will make it easier for you to predict your opponents next move. The more points you put into mind the closer you are to becoming a professional battle forecaster.

Armor (AMR) - This stat goes to your mobile suit and doesn't enhance it with invincible armor if maxed out, but rather determines how much your suit can withstand during battle.

Accuracy (ACU) - The amount of accuracy a person has determines the dexterity of their weapons. Basically, the more accuracy you gain, the more hits you'll land. This stat is quite handy when it comes to dealing with projectile weapons.

When adding points to your stats, you should think of what kind of pilot you want to develop into. Adding points evenly will show subtle gradual improvement, while keeping one stat always above the rest will demonstrate a dramatic change of battle strategy. Stats cannot be undone so choose wisely and don't forget about ARMOR!


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