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Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 1:10 am

Ezio sat in the Exia with its cockpit hatch open as he followed a flock of birds fly across a cloudless sky.
"That...has got to be the only likable thing about this planet.." Ezio thought to himself. As the birds began to fade, he noticed something else in the blank sky.
"Hmmm, that is not a bird in the distance." Ezio sat back in the cockpit sit and shut the hatch, turning on the cameras of the mobile suit. He zoomed in but still couldn't make out what the figure was.
"Could just be a ship passing by.." the Exia's GN sword swung from its forearm, "...but could never be more careful."

The second before the image could be made, Ezio saw a beam round heading straight for him.
"An ambu-" Before he could finish his sentence, the Exia was struck on the left shoulder.
After recovering, he finally saw the mobile suit on his camera. The Astray continued to fly straight for the Exia with its beam rifle pointed. Neo Makenshi fired two more rounds, both hitting the Exia in the same place.

"Damn it! You got a lot of nerve coming all the way to Earth Neo." Ezia said after turning on his communications.
"Ready your blades Ezio!" Neo exclaimed as he unsheathed the Astray's katana.

The Astray made the first move with a forward thrust. The Exia spun around the blade while performing a backhand swing with the GN sword. The Astray swiftly lifted the katana deflecting the blow to the head and countered with a horizontal slash to the waist.
"Phew, too close for comfort" Ezio said to himself as he took out the short sword in the other hand.
"I'll take you even with your two blades!" Neo jumped right and slashed at the Exia's right arm twice, both striking it.
"Damn...that's a lot of armor..any other suit's arm would be off by now." Neo thought to himself.

The Astray charged to the Exia again with a diagonal upward slash, causing it to fall on its back. The Astray drove the katana downwards towards the Exia, but was deflected by a swung of the GN sword. The Exia then boosted up, rammed into the Astray, and deployed a beam saber. As it swung at the Astray's head, Neo ducked, dropped the katana and took out one of his own sabers slashing at the Exia's legs. Ezio countered by swinging downwards with its saber, but it was met with the Astray's saber.

As the two struggled to get the upper hand the Exia brought out its second saber with its other hand. Before it could make its move, the Astray took out its other saber and met Ezio's second one.
"I have to commend your suits armor...and you have some piloting skills. However, I can see yo uhave difficulty forecasting your opponents next move.." Neo said as the Astray fired its 75mm guns from its heads straight at the Exia's head. Ezio banged on his controls as his cameras went out. The Astray then slashed off the Exia's right arm with one saber and took off the head with a swinging slash with the other saber, causing it to fall to the ground.

Gundam Astray wins
Gundam Exia - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350
Gundam Astray - EXP: 7 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 200


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Gundam Astray Red Frame Ambushes Gundam Exia Empty Re: Gundam Astray Red Frame Ambushes Gundam Exia

Post  Neo Makenshi on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 6:27 am

Here is the thing Ezio. we are not your enemy, we were merely concurned with the civil war when we intervened, i came to tell uyou that and to stay out of our way keep us out of your grudges. We are merely a peacekeeping force, a shield for the people. Never the less maybe we can have a duel later, this was fun don't you think so?
Neo Makenshi
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