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Taking Prisoners

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Taking Prisoners Empty Taking Prisoners

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 13 Jun 2011, 10:47 pm

It is possible place other members in prison that failed to capture your base or colony. This can only happen if you've purchased a prison block for your establishment from the shop.

Becoming a prisoner
Make your decision to capture a base/colony wisely because a failed attempt can result in being captured yourself. When you become a prisoner you are held captive for 7 days unless someone rescues you. If you are not rescued, then the day you are released you will lose one stat point, with the owner of the place choosing which stat to take away from.


Making a decision
After a failed attempt the owner of the place will have the choice to either keep the pilot or not. If more than one pilot was involved then the owner can choose which pilot he/she wants to place in prison.


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