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Neue Ziel Ambushes Hyaku Shiki

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Neue Ziel Ambushes Hyaku Shiki Empty Neue Ziel Ambushes Hyaku Shiki

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 13 Jun 2011, 9:50 pm

Phillip watched as the engineers removed the last bits of equipment away from the Hyaku Shiki. The mobile suit had received a brand new paint job and the golden glow was more blinding then ever.
"Fantastic..looks like the day I got it guys." complimented Phillip.
"Yep, we take pride in this work here," responded the head engineer, "do me a favor would you?"
"What's that?" asked Phillip.
"Try not to scratch it for at least a couple of days haha!" answered the engineer.
"Haha, don't worry I plan on getting off this planet today." Phillip handed the engineer his payment and went over to the Hyaku Shiki to jump in the cockpit.

As the engineers watched the Hyaku Shiki take off they held their heads up admiring their work. Right before the mobile went out of sight they saw a beam heading straight for it and striking it on its right flank. The Hyaku Shiki fell and slid on the red surface as Phillip clutched his controls with all his might. While still fumbling on the ground he switched his cameras to see the Neue Ziel heading towards him. "Damn, the right side!" The Hyaku Shiki's right arm was disabled.

Leo stopped the Neue Ziel just as he approached Phillip.
He opened his cockpit and stood up from his seat.
"Strontheim! Just thought I'd stop by and finish what we had started the other day!" shouted Leo.
Phillip refused to respond to Leo and aimed his beam rifle with his left hand.
"That's more like it.." Leo jumped back in his seat as the Neue Ziel was hit by a shot of the beam rifle.
The Neue Ziel's thrusters boosted it back as it fired uncontrolled missiles toward the Hyaku Shiki.

Phillip set some of them off by using the vulcan guns and fired two more rounds at the Neue Ziel both striking it in the main torso. Leo deployed his heavy claw arms and grabbed the Hyaku Shiki by the right arm as it attempted to evade.
"Don't need that anyway." Phillip aimed his beam rifle and fired off his right arm and fired one more at point blank range. As the Hyaku Shiki landed on the ground it swiftly took out a beam saber. Leo then took out two of his own sabers.

Phillip sat breathing heavily as he waited for Leo's next move. Suddenly he caught a signal on his radar speeding towards the battlefield.
The Guncannon leaped in the air and landed on top of the Neue Ziel. It grasped the mobile armor by its head and aimed its cannons downward.
"Are you nuts!?" exclaimed Leo as he let go of his controls and ducked and covered in his seat. The Guncannon fired sending the Neue Ziel to the ground and blasting itself a couple of feet away.

"Phillip are you ok?" Viktor asked.
"Yeah, I'm hanging in there, how did you know to come and help?" responded Phillip.
"I didn't. I had the Neue Ziel on my mind since before my repairs were finished." The Guncannon got up from the ground the same time that the Neue Ziel recovered. It charged once again at the Hyaku Shiki with its sabers, completely ignoring the Guncannon for what it had done to it. The two exchanged slashes and the Hyaku Shiki managed to dodge a couple as well. The Guncannon, now even further from the battle began to run to the Neue Ziel again.


"Phew, finally caught up to you..." Leslie Gustav stopped the Epyon as she first scanned the battlefield to figure out what is going on.
"Well...Leo is more than capable to fend for himself, I'll just remove the Guncannon from his plate." The Epyon took out its heat sword and flew at full speed towards Viktor.


Both the Guncannon and Hyaku Shiki barraged the Neue Ziel with their vulcan guns and Viktor began to fire his beam rifle.
"Phillip, go pick up your beam rifle!" shouted Viktor through out the noise of the battle.
As the Hyaku Shiki ran off, the Neue Ziel slashed at the Guncannon's left cannon causing it to explode. Viktor maneuvered back and saw an incoming mobile suit. He zoomed in his cameras to see the Epyon. Leslie rammed the Guncannon to the ground with her shield.

"Ahh...hey..Phillip so much for a seize fire.." Viktor said slightly out of breath.
"Yeah no kidding. Fire at will! Let's get these Blazer bastards out of our hair already!"
"If there's one thing that those red colonists were good for, it was the revealing of your plans for that weapon! We now know what you were here for, so let's put an ending to our unfinished sortie" Leslie swung the heat sword, missing the Guncannon.

The Hyaku Shiki, now with its beam rifle again boosted backwards in the air and fired at the Neue Ziel's claw arm. The Neue Ziel charged again but was dodged. The Hyaku Shiki now facing the mobile armor's back fired two rounds at the main torso causing it to head straight for the ground.

Leo sat in his cockpit, which now had sparks flying around it, fiddled around with his controls.
He switched his comm link to the Epyon and requested, "Leslie...I...just need a little time...I need to get my I-"
"Your I-field, yeah got it, hurry up." Leslie responded. She stood still as she carefully watched the two Alliance mobile suits, trying to anticipate their next moves.

The Guncannon ran towards the Epyon firing its vulcan guns. As Leslie attempted to evade, Viktor stopped and fired from his only remaining cannon and his beam rifle at the same time. The two rounds struck the Epyon in the chest before Leslie could bring up the shield. The two charged at each other and as they met, the Epyon thrusted the heat sword through the Guncannon's chest as the Guncannon fired his cannon straight through the Epyon's. The two pilots opened their cockpits and jumped out of their suits as they began to explode. The pilots stared each other down and turned their attention to the Hyaku Shiki which was flying down with a beam saber thrusting it down into the Neue Ziel. Seconds later Leo ran out of his cockpit avoiding any further destruction to his mobile armor.

"You know it's no surprise, miss Gustav," said Viktor.
"I heard your counter speech, you got a lot of nerve." responded Leslie with a stern tone.
"Ditto...look lets just both agree not to kill each other right here. I for one would prefer to put my enemies down in a mobile suit." Viktor added.
"Hehe, see you soon big boy" Leslie said as she began to walk toward her damaged Epyon.

Hyaku Shiki wins
Gundam Epyon - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 400
Guncannon - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 400
Neue Ziel - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 400
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 8 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 350


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Neue Ziel Ambushes Hyaku Shiki Empty Re: Neue Ziel Ambushes Hyaku Shiki

Post  Phillip Strontheim on Mon 13 Jun 2011, 11:00 pm

That did not turn out...exactly as planned, but I can deal with pleasant surprises.
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