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Choosing Your Faction Empty Choosing Your Faction

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 10:41 pm

There are currently five different groups that you could affiliate yourself with. Because of the universe's current borderline state of chaos, it is not uncommon to see people of the same side fighting each other. Each faction receives a weekly salary and some benefits.

Alliance of Global Humans: Almost no one has come to figure out the true intentions of the AGH since the day of their formation. Some say that the group is a peaceful cover up to the Earth's eventual rise of a universal dictatorship. Others see them as a needed moderator for the rest of space. Although the group is secretive and shady with their actions, their involvement with small scale "cold wars" is more than evident to the rest of the universe. Their leadership is dominated by former US, Russian, and Chinese leaders. A member of the AGH receives a weekly salary of 1100 credits and also gets free repairs on Earth. AGH members begin their story on Earth.

Star Blazers: The Star Blazers are a loosely formed alliance of all the colonies from Point 1 to Point 9 with the exception of Point 5. Earth inhabitants tend to label them as the "Circle of Colonial Humans". The Blazers have one agenda: to be left alone. The formation of the AGH was the first signs of a possible rule over of the colonies, prompting the colonists to react swiftly. To this day there has been no direct conflict between the two factions, but some would say it's only a matter of time. As a member of the Star Blazers you receive a 1000 credit weekly salary and get free repairs on any colony within Point 1-9 except in Point 5. Blazers begin their story in Point 3.

Red Being: The event known as the Mars Nightmare, triggered the formation of the newest faction, Red Being. This group is known for their close feelings for the red planet and also for their very radical ideals. Red Being has made it their own personal vendetta to stop any conflicts that are started by either the AGH or the Blazers. The question as to whether they can be considered good or bad guys is still yet to be answered because although they promote anti conflict, they tend to eliminate every single participant of any battle. A member of Red Being receives a weekly salary of 1300 credits and free repairs on any colony established within Point 5. They start their story in Point 5.

Tribillion Army: The TriArms, a mercenary army, have been around for over 70 years now. They've taken multiple jobs from several clients mainly all of them being for protection. They are known for their brute strength, intimidation, and huge size. Recently they have taken upon themselves to make the Earth's moon their main headquarters and have established the largest base in the universe so far, Green Crater, on it. The universe keeps a watchful eye on them as bad blood with the AGH continues to brew. Many expect a full scale invasion of Earth to happen at any moment. Members of the TriArms receive a weekly salary of 1200 and free repairs on the Moon. TriArms start their story on the Moon.


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