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S.E. 0002


- 1/4/02:
  • Civil War in Bismarck on Mars breaks out between Pro-Earth and Pro-Mars groups.
- 1/8/02:
  • Star Blazers settle the fighting in Bismarck and end the conflict. Leslie Gustav, Leo Drace, Neo Makenshi, and Derrick Sanders lead the mission.
  • AGH sends recon team to Bismarck to retrieve plans for the Behemoth. Phillip Strontheim and Viktor Tarasov recover the plans.
- 1/9/02:
  • Tribillion Army receives its first payment from the AGH for their assisstance during the Pirate Raids. Conrad Vaugner picks up the funds on Earth.
- 1/12/02:
  • Scarth Varo addresses the universe from Naples, Italy, focusing on the conflicts caused by the AGH and Star Blazers. Pancho Villa, Makato Shishio, and Ezio Bangladoosh defend the station long enough for the broadcast to end until it was destroyed.
  • Scarth's death undetermined.
  • Behemoth is publicly revealed.
  • Leslie Gustav and Viktor Tarasov both deliver brief separate counter-speeches.
- 1/13/02:
  • Remnant pirates invade the Moon and assault Green Crater. Conrad Vaugner and Logan Wolf help force the pirate leader, Lancer to retreat.
- 1/19/02:
  • Scarth Varo is discovered alive and Ezio Bangladoosh, Makato Shishio, and Pancho Villa help get him back to the Red Colony.
- 1/29/02:
  • AGH remove missile threat from Italy. Phillip Strontheim and Viktor Tarasov join the Roosevelt in raiding the base.
  • AGH begin occupying Italy.
- 1/30/02:
  • Star Blazer council is attacked by unknown assassins. Leslie Gustav, Derrick Sanders and Leo Drace defend the council and defeat the intruders.

- 2/5/02:
  • Red Being fleet, The Flag, attacks the first construction site of Behemoth and temporarily stops work on it. Makato Shishio, Pancho Villa and Ezio Bangladoosh join in the attack.
  • AGH defends the beginning stages of Behemoth. Viktor Tarasov, Walter Bifrost and Phillip Strontheim aid in protecting and relocating it.
  • Captain Anton Gerburt of the AGH dies in battle.
- 2/13/02:
  • Tribillion Army and Star Blazers together remove remnant pirate force out of Point 1. Conrad Vaugner, Logan Wolf, Leslie Gustav, Leo Drace, and Derrick Sanders are all present in the battle.
- 2/20/02:
  • Tribillion Army eliminates remaining pirate forces on Jupiter. Logan Wolf, Conrad Vaugner, and Kyle Ryder lead the attack.
- 2/23/02:
  • Conner Trybil announces Lancer to be a rare mark and sets up a bounty for him.

- 3/8/02:
  • Italian army attacks AGH outpost in the Apennine mountains. AGH fights back and begins making its way to Rome.
- 3/10/02:
  • AGH takes over Italy by winning The Battle of Rome. Walter Bifrost, Viktor Tarasov, and Phillip Strontheim join in the attack.
  • Giovanni Cazo dies immediately after assassinating the Italian president, for handing Italy to the AGH.


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